Gary Lineker claims foul

Former England striker and T.V. pundit Gary Lineker has made headlines of a different sort recently by accusing lawyers of fuelling hate between divorcing couples. He is calling for a “mathematical equation” to help couples to divorce quickly so avoiding the “manipulative” behaviour of lawyers.

Many years of acting in such cases tells me that, if there are lawyers like the ones he describes, they are very much in the minority.  Family lawyers are expected to (and in my experience routinely do) comply with The Law Society`s Family Law Protocol which is designed to offer guidance to all family practitioners as to best practice whilst many thousands are members of the Law Society`s Family Law Accreditation Scheme (which means that their “skills, knowledge and experience have been thoroughly tested and certified against Law Society standards”) and of  Resolution, a  national organisation of family lawyers who comply with a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems and, in particular, to matters relating to children.

Pertinently “Resolution” has been campaigning for many years for the introduction of “no fault” Divorce. This seems at odds with Gary Lineker’s claims that family practitioners seek to draw out matters in order to boost their own costs.

Guidance is offered about how to sort out Divorce Proceedings (see my article headed “Family Justice Council-Sorting out Finances on Divorce”) but because, like human beings, every Divorce case is unique, Mr Lineker`s plea for a mathematical equation is unrealistic- one size will not fit all, as they say.

There is no doubt in my mind that that there remains absolutely no substitute (no pun intended) for taking independent legal advice in matters as sensitive and emotional as Divorce and you can make no better start than by consulting a Solicitor who is both Law Society accredited and a member of “Resolution”.

Stephen Gallagher is both Law Society accredited and a member of Resolution. He would be pleased to advise you in an initial no-obligation Fixed-Fee interview for 60 minutes for just £100.00 plus VAT.