Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships

Since December 2005, couples in a same-sex partnership have been able to register their relationship through a formal civil ceremony known as a Civil Partnership the effect of which is that partners acquire various rights and responsibilities towards each other, both during the relationship and on separation.

These rights and responsibilities are similar to those of a married couple such as various taxation reliefs, housing and pension benefits and the right to acquire parental responsibility.

In order to register a Civil Partnership, you must:

  • not already be in a civil partnership or marriage
  • be of the same sex
  • be over 18 (or 16 with appropriate consent)
  • not be within the prohibited degrees of relationship (i.e. you are not related to each other)

Civil Partnerships end by dissolution rather than divorce however the process is exactly the same and we will be able to advise on your next steps if the relationship has broken down.

For more information about divorce or dissolution please contact us to take advantage of our no-obligation, fixed-fee initial advice session.