Solicitors Provide Best Service for Wills

Research conducted by the charity Will Aid has consistently shown that the number of people using a solicitor to write their Wills is increasing and that people believe solicitors provide the best quality of service.

Do I Need A Will?

Without a Will you will die ‘intestate’ which means that there is a strict order in which your assets are distributed. Do not presume that everything will pass to your husband, wife or civil partner or that your children will get everything.

A Will sets out your wishes clearly so that they can be followed to the best of the ability of whoever is looking after your affairs after you die.

There are many tales of invalid Wills or people dying without a Will causing problems for their loved ones in looking after their affairs.


What Are The Options?


You can instruct a solicitor to write your Will for you. Many people prefer this option as there is the reassurance of the training, professionalism and the regulation on solicitors imposed by the Law Society and our regulatory body, the SRA.

Solicitors are generally the most expensive option but that often comes with experience, qualifications and a high standard of training to ensure that you get proper advice on your affairs and the terms of your Will.

Will Writing Company

There are many reputable will-writing companies who can provide a good level of service but there are just as many less reputable ones. They usually offer a low initial fee and then increase their costs with the complexity of the provisions of the Will and often charge for storing your documents.

Will-writing firms are not regulated and are very unlikely to have the level of professional insurance to cover if something goes wrong.


It is perfectly possible to prepare your Will by yourself and many stationery supply stores will carry Do-It-Yourself Will kits. However this is only ever advisable in the most simple of estates and it is absolutely vital that you get the Will signed properly to ensure that it, and the gifts you are making, are valid.


Why Neale Turk Rochfort?

Our Wills and Probate Department will be happy to discuss your Will with you. In most cases we are able to offer a fixed fee for drafting Wills and will not charge you until they are completely finished and signed. We do not charge extra fees for storage of your documents.

Our solicitors are all experienced will writers who have undertaken training to ensure they can personalise your Will and advise you on the terms fully in a way you will understand. Providing outstanding client care is a long-standing tradition of the firm and we will even arrange home visits to take instructions and sign the Wills if you are unable to get to us.


If you would like more information about any of our services please contact us either by phone, email or through the enquiry box.