Services For Business

Legal services for all business types

Businesses, whether sole traders, partnerships or limited companies all need legal advice from time to time. For example you may be:

  • Starting a new business (or buying one)
  • Buying, renting or selling business premises
  • Entering a new business contract
  • Selling your business
  • Trying to settle a business dispute
  • Trying to deal with an employee issue

We act for corporate clients, sole traders, and partnerships and we bring to our business clients the same personal care and professional expertise that we are famous for among our private clients.

David Reynolds- Commercial and Business Property

David Reynolds specialises in all types of commercial property including offices, shops, factories, warehouses, pubs and restaurants and has also dealt with riding stables, caravan parks/campsites, private airfields, hospitals, telecommunications sites, hotels and club premises in his time.

Commercial Property

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