Services For Individuals

Services for Individuals

We have a carefully nurtured tradition of looking after our individual clients, helping and guiding them through major events of their life and easing the pressure and worry that many people feel when dealing with legal transactions of any description.

We can help you with your employment matters, dealing with your residential property and, a particular specialism of ours is providing an unparalleled service for the elderly client.

Select from the list below to find out more about how Neale Turk Rochfort can look after your interests and guide you through whatever you need.

Employment Law

Sometimes things go wrong in your job which are simply not your fault. You may find that you are being unfairly treated, are facing redundancy or have an accusation made against you by your employer…

Wills, Probate And The Elderly Client

The older client worries about lack of money, disability, inability to cope at home, long term care and vulnerability. We specialise in providing legal services for our older clients in a kind and sympathetic…

Residential Property

For most people, buying or selling their home is the biggest transaction they will ever undertake. Getting it right is critical to your happiness in your new home. Working with you we can help meet your specific needs and help you…